Newton’s Jews Fight Back

WATCH: Jews in Newton, Massachusetts, face down anti-Semites and win

Jews in Newton, Massachusetts, have been harassed on the streets, defamed in anti-Israel high school curricula, stonewalled by school board members, and marginalized by woke, Marxist teachers’ unions.

But, when their (Jewish) mayor, Ruthanne Fuller, allowed the Newton Free Library to celebrate an Arab blood libel garbed as an “art exhibit” and then welcome the anti-Semitic “artist” to speak his lies — unopposed — at an event on May 9, Newton’s Jews had had enough.

When the mayor denied reasoned requests for an open debate or to speak after the panel in order to refute the racist lies, the Jews decided to make their voices heard.

For the first time, the Jews confronted the evil descending upon them face to face. All of American Jewry should learn from this and follow their example of courage.

Watch Jewish pride in action.

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