Must-Read History of Jihad

One of the most controversial questions, at times being hotly debated but mostly intentionally ignored, is whether jihad barbarism is an intrinsic part of Islam or is a misreading of the religion by “extremists”

The October 7 jihad-pogrom should be elevating the debate about whether jihad is “radical,” or Islam — yet, for many, it is not.

We are proud to present a meticulously researched article lucidly putting forward the position that the doctrine of jihad is indeed an integral part of Islam.

Please read this article published in White Rose Magazine by Ben Poser which clearly outlines the history and doctrine of jihad.

Relying on Islam’s primary source texts, it shows that October 7 is part of a ghastly 1,400-year record which begins with Muhammad in the seventh century and continues to this day.

It also touches on how jihad has been a critical factor in the continued existence of black slavery in Africa and the Middle East.

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