Our JNS Interview on Arab Slavery Reaches 100,000 Views

Our interview on Jonathan Tobin’s JNS show from January 30 featuring Charles Jacobs and Ben Poser has reached more than 100,000 views on YouTube in just one month. Help it get 100,000 more by sending it to your lists, friends, and black friends especially. We have just formed the African-Jewish Alliance to spread awareness of Arab-Muslim slavery, and to […]

We are Now Part of the African-Jewish Alliance (AJA)

Blacks and Jews coming together against slavery and jihad in Africa The October 7 attack on Israel is but one site of a global jihad. Jihad massacres just like it happen almost weekly in Nigeria, where Muslims storm African Christian villages, slaughter the residents, and rape and kidnap women and girls. Just this last Christmas, nearly 200 Africans were killed by Boko Haram […]

WATCH: JNS — Muslims Have Black Slaves

Jonathan Tobin interviews Dr. Charles Jacobs and Ben Poser on the left’s callous betrayal of enslaved Africans Where, why, and how do Arabs and Muslims own black slaves? And why does the human rights community — at best — not care and — at worst — cover it up? Learn the answer in Jonathan Tobin’s new Top Story podcast. […]

American Jews Need to Toughen Up

Cowering incites more assaults Rabbi Cary Kozberg and Charles Jacobs propose a new mindset, and physical training, for besieged Jewish youth. Read their new article in JNS here.

“Boston Globe”: Jewish Leadership Project Blasts Harvard

JLP in The Boston Globe On January 23, The Boston Globe published an article on how Harvard’s problems highlighted the Jewish Leadership Project’s efforts to keep focus on the problem of anti-Semitism there after the resignation of President Claudine Gay. Harvard’s problem goes far beyond Gay and reaches to the very top: Harvard’s Board which hired Gay and allowed Jew-hatred to […]

Black Jewish Rapper Hits Black Lives Matter

Hard-hitting music video by black Jewish rapper “Westside Gravy,” a black Jewish musician, blasts Black Lives Matter in a driving rhythmic cadence for excluding black Jews from its concern. Calling “Palestine” a “slave name” for Israel, it takes on BLM’s Arab alliance. Please watch and distribute.

A New, Authentic Black-Jewish Alliance is Forming!

Read former South Sudanese slave Simon Deng’s story Simon Deng, enslaved as a child by Arab Sudanese jihadists, tells his story of kidnapping, suffering, and escape — and how his story intersects with that of Israelis. Jews, Nigerians, and South Sudanese are forming an alliance against jihad massacres and kidnapping. For, as the details of the October 7 […]

Israelis See the Light, Ally With Other Victims of Jihad

Israel stands with Nigerian victims of jihad Israel, which has finally learned that it is fighting jihad, recently announced its support for Christians in Nigeria who are being massacred almost daily by the ideological brethren of Hamas. “Over the past decade, 50,000 Christians in Nigeria have been butchered and hacked to death. Is this even a concern to […]

Jewish Students Sue Harvard

Jewish Harvard students are suing their tormentors Read the entire complaint to see today’s realities for Jews on campus, and understand how horribly the Jewish establishment failed us all.

“Jerusalem Post”: Former Jihad Captive Embraces Israelis

Former Sudanese jihad slave Simon Deng leads march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in solidarity with Israeli hostages Simon Deng, accompanied by Charles Jacobs, tells Israelis that we have the same enemy. They captured his people in raids just like October 7. These are jihad raids, and South Sudanese citizens like him stand with their Jewish friends. Read the Jerusalem Post coverage […]

Join us as we challenge the establishment Jewish leaders and the donors who have supported and enabled them but failed to hold them accountable.