A Generation Ago, Charles Jacobs Started a Movement to Free Black Jihad Slaves

WATCH: How we brought the cause of black jihad slaves to Washington back in 1996 A generation ago, an abolitionist movement co-founded by Mohammed Athié, a Muslim from Mauritania, Simon Deng, a Christian from South Sudan, and Charles Jacobs, an American Jew, brought its case to Washington. On March 13, 1996, Jacobs, along with fellow activists from […]

Jews Have a Simple Way to Turn the Tables

Flipping the discourse at our city councils We are always on the back foot, defending. Even now, Jews are making great efforts to block or redesign resolutions demanding a “ceasefire in Gaza” which are being submitted to town councils, city halls, and state legislatures. It is hard to argue against “ceasefire” because “everyone wants peace,” etc. […]

Answering the Anti-Israel Crowd

Israeli YouTuber gives Jews excellent arguments There are many good responses to the rhetorical assault on Jews and Israel. We find this video is extraordinarily good, short, and easy to imbibe.

Jewish Leaders Failing Still: A Tale of Four Cities

North Carolina Jewish leaders have mixed results stopping pro-Hamas ceasefire resolutions due to failure to adapt to our enemies’ evolving tactics Our JLP team in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, reports on how the Jewish establishment — even now, as the Jewish community is continually assaulted — failed to communicate with and mobilize our people to defend and protect them. Amy […]

Must-Read History of Jihad

One of the most controversial questions, at times being hotly debated but mostly intentionally ignored, is whether jihad barbarism is an intrinsic part of Islam or is a misreading of the religion by “extremists” The October 7 jihad-pogrom should be elevating the debate about whether jihad is “radical,” or Islam — yet, for many, it is not. We are proud […]

Africans in the U.S. Join with Jews against Jihad!

AJA progress report Dear friends and supporters: We have wonderful news. We needed black allies — now we have them! Please read and disseminate: THE AFRICAN-JEWISH ALLIANCE We need real allies, now more than ever. And we have them: Israel may be the focus of world attention, but it is not the only victim of […]

Every Jew in American Must Learn about “Jihad Watch”

See Jihad Watch’s coverage of anti-Semitism in America Robert Spencer and his team at Jihad Watch know more about the forces that surge against Jews than almost anyone in the country. That’s what put him on the ADL’s “hate list.” Most American Jewish leaders refuse to tell Jews that there is a problem with Muslim anti-Semitism. No one […]

Our JNS Interview on Arab Slavery Reaches 100,000 Views

Our interview on Jonathan Tobin’s JNS show from January 30 featuring Charles Jacobs and Ben Poser has reached more than 100,000 views on YouTube in just one month. Help it get 100,000 more by sending it to your lists, friends, and black friends especially. We have just formed the African-Jewish Alliance to spread awareness of Arab-Muslim slavery, and to […]

We are Now Part of the African-Jewish Alliance (AJA)

Blacks and Jews coming together against slavery and jihad in Africa The October 7 attack on Israel is but one site of a global jihad. Jihad massacres just like it happen almost weekly in Nigeria, where Muslims storm African Christian villages, slaughter the residents, and rape and kidnap women and girls. Just this last Christmas, nearly 200 Africans were killed by Boko Haram […]

WATCH: JNS — Muslims Have Black Slaves

Jonathan Tobin interviews Dr. Charles Jacobs and Ben Poser on the left’s callous betrayal of enslaved Africans Where, why, and how do Arabs and Muslims own black slaves? And why does the human rights community — at best — not care and — at worst — cover it up? Learn the answer in Jonathan Tobin’s new Top Story podcast. […]

Join us as we challenge the establishment Jewish leaders and the donors who have supported and enabled them but failed to hold them accountable.