An extremist coup at the Union for Reform Judaism

Staff – Jewish Journal The nomination of Rabbi Richard Jacobs to head the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is the latest coup for J Street. Less than three years after its founding, a member of J Street’s Rabbinic Cabinet is being appointed to head the largest branch of American Judaism. With the nominee to head […]

Is the answer a 2nd ADL?

Charles Jacobs – Jewish Advocate Maybe ADL leaders have concluded that a shift away from their major traditional focus – Jewry’s enemies on the right – would be institutionally risky and unwise, that expanding ADL’s mandate to include Islamic anti-Semitism might weaken its effectiveness against neo-Nazis and Christian anti-Semites. In today’s politically correct culture, confronting […]

Where’s our leadership?

Charles Jacobs – Jerusalem Post Few Jewish leaders and almost no mainstream organizations have explained to the community that we now face a radically new and potentially existensial threat – radical Islam.

Why the ADL Became a Partisan Mouthpiece

Joel J. Sprayregen – American Thinker The realization that political debate in a free society is often raucous accompanied my journey from work as an ACLU staff attorney to becoming National Vice-Chair of the then-respected Anti-Defamation League. This journey was inspired in significant part by “refuseniks” — met during an ACLU “mission” to the USSR […]

Pandering by the ADL

Stephen Steinlight – Center for Immigration Studies When it comes to immigration policy, the ADL is dedicated to open-borders even if the price is the guaranteed importation of several million more Muslims with astronomical levels of anti-Semitism to America – who will in only a few decades exceed the number of American Jews – as […]

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