Is the West Fighting its Enemies?

Besieged Western civilization is in a Chamberlainian mindset when it needs a Churchillian one The whole Western world — America, Europe, its former dominions, and Israel — are under constant, daily, obsessive assault from both external and internal marauders. Outside, there are China, Russia, and the agents of global jihad, represented by Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and […]

October 7 is Part Two of 9/11

If Israel is defeated, then so are we all If people are to understand anything about today’s world, it must begin with this truth: The global jihad struck its first great blow on 9/11 and its second on 10/7. Hamas does not want a Palestinian state as a “national” goal but as a battering ram against the declining […]

“Intersectionality” Dooms Africans to Jihadist Murder

New African Jewish Alliance calls for a non-racist “intersectional” alliance Read Charles Jacobs, Stephen Enada, and Dumisani Washington’s new article in JNS which proposes “a better and non-racist intersectionality” between the victims of jihad — starting with Africans and Jews.

Newton’s Jews Fight Back

WATCH: Jews in Newton, Massachusetts, face down anti-Semites and win Jews in Newton, Massachusetts, have been harassed on the streets, defamed in anti-Israel high school curricula, stonewalled by school board members, and marginalized by woke, Marxist teachers’ unions. But, when their (Jewish) mayor, Ruthanne Fuller, allowed the Newton Free Library to celebrate an Arab blood […]

WATCH: We Revealed Columbia’s Anti-Semitism Problem 20 Years Ago

Exactly 20 years ago, we exposed the catastrophe at Columbia In 2004, the David Project (our former organization) produced a short documentary, Columbia Unbecoming, exposing the growing tide of Jew-hatred at Columbia University. At that time, the main problem was bigoted Arab professors harassing and intimidating Jewish students; meaning, in theory, it was still controllable. We interviewed […]

African-Jewish Alliance in East Palo Alto, California: Resolution to Stop Jihad Murder of Africans

For the first time, we introduced our resolution to condemn jihad and slavery in Africa at an American city council meeting On April 16, an ally of our new African-Jewish Alliance introduced our resolution calling for her city council to condemn slavery and jihad against blacks in Africa. We intend this to be the first of many such proposals. At a meeting of the East […]

Old Approaches to Anti-Semitism Must Be Replaced Urgently

JLP’s Goldwasser in JNS: It’s time for a new approach to anti-Semitism “The old policies have failed,” the JLP’s Avi Goldwasser and Tony Katz of the Confronting Antisemitism Network write in JNS. “We must adopt new procedures of punishing antisemites, reforming education and ostracizing hateful ideologies.” With rabid, ever-growing mobs of mostly Muslim Jew-haters besieging […]

African-Jewish Alliance Covered in JNS

New JNS article lauds the African-Jewish Alliance A new article in JNS by Jewish Canadian professor Henry Srebrnik emphasizes the importance of a resurgent black-Jewish alliance, and praises our newly-formed AJA. Srebrnik is also a featured author in our book Betrayal: The Failure of American Jewish Leadership, chronicling about how Justin Trudeau’s leftist government has abandoned and insulted Canadian Jews.

Demand the White House and Congress Defend Israel

Contact your member of Congress to make them combat the anti-Israel sentiments threatening American Jews and our government Dear friends and supporters of Israel, We are writing to enlist your help in an urgent letter-writing campaign to President Biden and congressional leaders. As revealed in the most recent Harvard-Harris poll, 79% of Americans overwhelmingly support Israel […]

Hamas Visits Nigeria Amid Weekly “October 7” Attacks on Nigeria’s Christians

Hamas visits Nigeria, where Muslims visit “October 7” on Christians every week Israel is one of many nations enduring jihad attacks. Nigerian Christians are subjected to “October 7” on a weekly basis. Read accounts of two such recent attacks by clicking here and here, as reported by Truth Nigeria. Recall the “#BringBackOurGirls” campaign in 2014? Leah Sharibu, abducted by Boko Haram jihadists on […]

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