What if the Holocaust Was Not about “Hate”?

By Ben Poser and Naya Lekht, White Rose Magazine, Issue XIII (May 2023)

Is the ADL Now a “Professional Defamation League”?

The ADL is getting its political opponents kicked off Twitter instead of fighting Jew-hatred In a damning and well-researched article, Dr. Joseph Mercola exposes the ADL’s true priorities in relation to its responsibility to protect the Jewish community. Having expanded its mandate far beyond American Jews’ security, the hyper-partisan ADL has spent the last several years […]

Join Us for a Critical Discussion of the Boston CJP’s 5-Point Plan to Fight Anti-Semitism

Join the Jewish Leadership Project’s panel discussion on the New England Combined Jewish Philanthropies’ new five-point plan to address anti-Semitism. Sunday, February 12, 2023 12:00 P.M. (EST) Please click here to join at the appointed time.

Biden White House Anti-Semitism Roundtable Convenes Failed Jewish Leaders

Failed Jewish leaders to convene at the White House The Jewish Leadership Project (JLP) is concerned that the Jewish participants invited to tomorrow’s White House conference on anti-Semitism consist mainly of Jewish establishment organizations which have failed to defend the Jewish community in the face of surging Jew-hatred across the country. “Many American Jews,” JLP president Charles Jacobs said, “now […]

Prominent Jews Blast the ADL as Failing to Protect the Jewish Community

Rosenbaum: ADL more “interested in gender-neutral bathrooms” than Israel JNS’s Jonathan Tobin interviews the inimitable Thane Rosenbaum on the failure of the ADL, the Jewish community’s “defense department.” Both of these courageous, articulate Jews deserve credit for speaking truth to power. And what an important truth it is! But sad. We must get better leadership, especially now, as the walls seem […]

Jewish Activists Protest ADL’s Failure on the Streets of New York

The Jewish Leadership Project protests the ADL’s failures outside its November 10 national convention Jews are awakening to the sad reality of their “defense department”’s failure and beginning to make their voices heard. On Thursday, November 10, the Jewish Leadership Project “picketed” the ADL’s national conference in New York City with an ad-truck parked in front of the […]

Deconstructing the demonization of the ‘settler’

Written by Benjamin Kerstein for JNS on November 14, 2022.

Jewish Activists Protest ADL Failure — At ADL Convention

The Jewish Leadership Project November 10, 2022 Contact: Dr. Charles Jacobs charlesjacobs123@gmail.com (617) 835-3584 Jewish Activists Protests Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s Failure to Protect Jews The Jewish Leadership Project (JLP) is today protesting the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) during its National Convention in New York City for the ADL’s continued failure to defend the Jewish community against […]

No More ADL

Written by Liel Leibovitz for “Tablet” on November 7, 2022. Pop quiz: Which of these two individuals do you find more problematic?

Fiasco: Anti-Defamation League in Hot Water After Botched Attempt To Partner With Anti-Semite Kyrie Irving

Written by Adam Kredo for “The Washington Free Beacon” on November 4, 2022. NBA star Kyrie Irving left the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) with egg on its face after the group pledged to partner with Irving and his team, the Brooklyn Nets, to steer a $1 million donation to Jewish organizations following Irving promotion of an […]

Join us as we challenge the establishment Jewish leaders and the donors who have supported and enabled them but failed to hold them accountable.