Is the ADL Now a “Professional Defamation League”?

The ADL is getting its political opponents kicked off Twitter instead of fighting Jew-hatred

In a damning and well-researched article, Dr. Joseph Mercola exposes the ADL’s true priorities in relation to its responsibility to protect the Jewish community.

Having expanded its mandate far beyond American Jews’ security, the hyper-partisan ADL has spent the last several years leading the way in Big Tech’s censorship of dissident opinions — many of which have almost nothing to do with Jews.

For example, the ADL has appointed itself the arbiter of truth regarding anything to do with COVID treatment or policy. While it is true that perennial anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists did indeed blame COVID and its ramifications on Jews, the vast majority of people criticizing masking or vaccine mandates did not. The ADL’s crusade against COVID “misinformation,” therefore, has far more to do with silencing those who oppose Biden administration policies, which have now become controversial within the medical community, than with protecting Jews from harmful bigotry.

As Mercola documents, one of the ADL’s most recent forays into betraying its mission for partisan purposes is an article it published on April 3 calling for Twitter to ban the sharing of links to the blogging platform Substack. Because some authors have used Substack to spread “anti-vaccine misinformation,” the ADL is calling for one of the most important social media platforms on earth to censor all Substack users. True, some Substack authors, including several of those the ADL mentions in its article, have spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories; but why should every Substack user — friends of the Jewish people included — be collectively punished for their views?

Most galling of all, as Mercola writes, the ADL’s article “did NOT focus on antisemitism. Instead, it took aim at a range of ‘woke’ pet issues, like the inviolability of the LBGTQ+ movement, antigovernment content and people who are exposing all kinds of fraud and deception.”

In fact, one of the Substack authors the ADL attacked is Chaya Raichik, an Orthodox Jewish woman who runs the famous Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.” Raichik ran the account anonymously for years, before leftist Washington Post muckraker Taylor Lorenz “doxxed” Raichik in an article, revealing both her name and personal information. Lorenz arguably put Raichik in real physical danger from real Jew-haters, but the ADL, whose job it is to at least denounce the endangerment of Jews like Raichik, said nothing in her defense. Now the ADL damns Raichik’s politics as anti-Semitic — simply because it disagrees with her views concerning the verifiably insane “wokists” she showcases on Twitter. It would seem “wokists” — not Jews — are the demographic the ADL is most deeply moved to protect.

Meanwhile, Twitter eventually caved to the ADL’s demands for censorship and is now blocking Substack links.

What, at the end of the day, does this tyrannical behavior do to protect American Jews — even from online neo-Nazis? Nothing. In fact, it likely only raises the tide of Jew-hatred.

Because the ADL arrogantly claims to speak with the “voice” of the American Jewish community, it cynically puts the very people it is charged with protecting in the crosshairs of popular backlash against its censorship policies.

As Mercola writes, the ADL is now a “professional defamation league.”

Join us as we challenge the establishment Jewish leaders and the donors who have supported and enabled them but failed to hold them accountable.