Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab Funding Hamas: Call Your Broker!

Make sure your investments aren’t funding Hamas

The Middle East Forum has just published a major report, “The U.S. Charitable Network That Subsidizes Hamas, and the Donors Behind It.” It goes through public records and finds that Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab, along with other banks and corporate and community foundations, are among the largest donors to Hamas-aligned organizations across America over the past decade.
In the case of Fidelity, for instance, the report found $11,444,891 provided by Fidelity to these radical groups, along with $4,119,790 from Schwab. You can search for your bank or investment firm here, using the search box under the heading “Top Donors for All Charities Listed.”
Grantees include organizations that the U.S. State Department and others have condemned for their “glorification of violence.” Several grantees have been previously subject to counter-terrorism investigations, and once again under investigation because of their open support for Hamas-run entities in the Gaza Strip or partnership with other designated terrorist organizations. Indeed, current staff of the grantee organizations brazenly praise and support Hamas, with some openly delighted at the killing of Israelis.
I urge you to peruse the report, and if your bank or investment firm is listed among the donors, take action. Call (or write) your account manager, and explain the following (in your own words if you can):
Hamas is already a designated terrorist organization under U.S. law. Not only do these grants to its supporters place customers such as us in a difficult position, but there will likely be significant turmoil for financial institutions if criminal charges are brought against these Hamas networks in the United States, as both Congress and the Biden administration are working hard to make happen. As a congressional hearing just a few weeks ago concluded, 501(c)s in particular have become key components of these terror networks, and will indeed be subject to extensive investigation.
I expect you will agree that your organization’s support for pro-Hamas charities is an unacceptable state of affairs.
You can further offer that the Middle East Forum is willing to provide an extensive list of terror-tied 501(c)s operating in the United States, so that your financial institution can choose its beneficiaries more carefully. 
Hamas raises at least half a billion dollars each year from its global charitable infrastructure. There is absolutely no doubt that Western 501(c)s play a major role in that fundraising. These funding streams must be shut down, and you can help us do it.

The Middle East Forum has done this incredible research and now we have to take action.

I have called my broker at Fidelity and he tells me that the matter is being taken up in their legal department.

We need an all-court press!

Please take some time to help stop the funding of the rapist Hamas regime.

Charles Jacobs

Jewish Leadership Project

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