Demand the White House and Congress Defend Israel

Contact your member of Congress to make them combat the anti-Israel sentiments threatening American Jews and our government

Dear friends and supporters of Israel,

We are writing to enlist your help in an urgent letter-writing campaign to President Biden and congressional leaders.

As revealed in the most recent Harvard-Harris poll, 79% of Americans overwhelmingly support Israel in its war with Hamas, 66% understand that Israel always tries to minimize collateral damage, and 63% oppose a ceasefire unless all hostages are released and Hamas is militarily destroyed.

There is, however, a vocal and well-coordinated minority in constant correspondence with national leaders and engaged in violent protests targeting Jews both in the streets and on college campuses.

It is imperative that the silent bipartisan majority in America speak now so that the vocal minority cannot unduly influence American policy.

Here are three ways for you to make your voice heard. Please copy the letter below or write your own version and send it to President Biden and congressional leaders now. This should be easy with the links provided below:

• To send the letter to the White House, you can copy and paste it at this link (noting that there is a 2,000-character limit).

• To send the letter to your congressional representative click here to find their contact links; for senators, click here.

• Email the letter to Gabriel Barnett, the White House Jewish Liaison at

Copy and paste this letter below to encourage U.S. leaders to stand with Israel and oppose all elements which advance anti-Semitism and jihad.

I’m writing to urge you to strengthen your rhetorical and material support for Israel as it fights to end Hamas rule in Gaza, free all hostages, and stop the terror campaign of Iran-backed proxies.

Allowing Hamas’s unconditional ceasefire resolution to pass the U.N. Security Council sent the wrong message resulting in more terror, as does blaming Israel for the misery of Gazans who deserve freedom — from Hamas.

April 7 marks six months since Hamas brutally massacred, tortured, raped, and kidnapped more than 1,200 innocent people in Israel. Meanwhile, attacks on Israelis from within and beyond its borders continue, as do the torture and rape of female hostages.

Please remind the world of Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorists who’ve threatened to repeat October 7 “until Israel is annihilated,” of its obligation to secure the freedom of all hostages, and its Herculean efforts — at great human cost to itself — to ensure humanitarian aid reaches suffering civilians amid a war Hamas started and perpetuates.

Israel took responsibility for the accidental deaths of aid workers in Gaza. But it is morally unacceptable to hold Israel to a higher standard than even the U.S. holds itself in wartime.

As unjust narratives fuel the “genocide in Gaza” libel stoking more Jew-hatred and inciting violent protestors who target Jews, please speak with more moral clarity about Hamas, meaning:

• Stop citing Hamas’s unverifiable death toll — an action  which provably fuels anti-Semitism. If Hamas cannot verify that it holds 134 hostages, then why give credibility to their casualty count?

• Condemn Hamas’s self-documented genocidal butchery on October 7 and its founding charter which explicitly commits to obliterating Israel and exterminating Jews worldwide.

• Denounce Hamas’s callous disregard of Palestinian civilians whom they use as human shields, and whom they have also killed with their own failed rocket launches.

• Hold Hamas accountable for the theft of humanitarian aid meant for Gazans.

Your leadership and moral clarity are urgently needed.

Thank you.

Join us as we challenge the establishment Jewish leaders and the donors who have supported and enabled them but failed to hold them accountable.