CUNY Hillel Executive Director Ilya Bratman Exposed as Weak

CUNY Hillel executive director Ilya Bratman exposed as weak, failed leader in new JNS article

The Jewish Leadership Project (JLP) aims to educate the Jewish community about the dangerous failure of the Jewish establishment in America.

As Jew-hatred surges, feckless, flaccid leaders must be exposed and replaced by leaders who do not fear to fight those who would harm us, no matter from which side of the political spectrum they attack.

Case in point: The JLP’s Charles Jacobs has just published an op-ed in JNS exposing CUNY Hillel director Ilya Bratman as a weak Jewish leader, selected precisely for that characteristic by CUNY administrators who — in an all-too-clever, behind-the-scenes maneuver — put Bratman on its Advisory Council on Jewish Life. CUNY administrators had seen how Bratman ignored attacks on CUNY’s Jews from attacks by leftists and Islamists, and so they knew they had found their man.

Jacobs reveals that while CUNY’s faculty and staff union delegates sponsored rallies under the slogan of “#zionismOutOfCUNY,” Bratman — who was supposed to be a key Jewish leader — never condemned the union’s BDS activist president, James Davis, who lied to the New York City Council about his support of boycotts against Israel.

Bratman and the group he supposedly founded to fight anti-Semitism also failed to condemn the university’s appointmentof former CAIR director and BDS activist Saly Abd Alla to oversee all discrimination, including anti-Semitism, across CUNY’s 25 campuses.

Read Jacobs’ must-read article here.

The JLP’s new book — Betrayal: The Failure of American Jewish Leadership — explains how behavior like Bratman’s is part of a pattern across the country. The book explains what authentic, fearless Jewish leaders must do in these daunting times and what American Jews must demand.

Join us as we challenge the establishment Jewish leaders and the donors who have supported and enabled them but failed to hold them accountable.