Old Approaches to Anti-Semitism Must Be Replaced Urgently

JLP’s Goldwasser in JNS: It’s time for a new approach to anti-Semitism “The old policies have failed,” the JLP’s Avi Goldwasser and Tony Katz of the Confronting Antisemitism Network write in JNS. “We must adopt new procedures of punishing antisemites, reforming education and ostracizing hateful ideologies.” With rabid, ever-growing mobs of mostly Muslim Jew-haters besieging […]

African-Jewish Alliance Covered in JNS

New JNS article lauds the African-Jewish Alliance A new article in JNS by Jewish Canadian professor Henry Srebrnik emphasizes the importance of a resurgent black-Jewish alliance, and praises our newly-formed AJA. Srebrnik is also a featured author in our book Betrayal: The Failure of American Jewish Leadership, chronicling about how Justin Trudeau’s leftist government has abandoned and insulted Canadian Jews.

Demand the White House and Congress Defend Israel

Contact your member of Congress to make them combat the anti-Israel sentiments threatening American Jews and our government Dear friends and supporters of Israel, We are writing to enlist your help in an urgent letter-writing campaign to President Biden and congressional leaders. As revealed in the most recent Harvard-Harris poll, 79% of Americans overwhelmingly support Israel […]

Hamas Visits Nigeria Amid Weekly “October 7” Attacks on Nigeria’s Christians

Hamas visits Nigeria, where Muslims visit “October 7” on Christians every week Israel is one of many nations enduring jihad attacks. Nigerian Christians are subjected to “October 7” on a weekly basis. Read accounts of two such recent attacks by clicking here and here, as reported by Truth Nigeria. Recall the “#BringBackOurGirls” campaign in 2014? Leah Sharibu, abducted by Boko Haram jihadists on […]

The African Jewish Alliance Gains Momentum

We won’t let the world ignore the victims of global jihad The AJA is making waves. Plenty of media coverage and a powerful public campaign with jumbotron trucks are raising awareness for their fight against the murder, rape, torture, abduction, and enslavement of Black Africans and all victims of jihad attacks worldwide. Click here to read a recent article by Henry Srebrnik, professor […]

Jews Have a Simple Way to Turn the Tables

Flipping the discourse at our city councils We are always on the back foot, defending. Even now, Jews are making great efforts to block or redesign resolutions demanding a “ceasefire in Gaza” which are being submitted to town councils, city halls, and state legislatures. It is hard to argue against “ceasefire” because “everyone wants peace,” etc. […]

Jewish Leaders Failing Still: A Tale of Four Cities

North Carolina Jewish leaders have mixed results stopping pro-Hamas ceasefire resolutions due to failure to adapt to our enemies’ evolving tactics Our JLP team in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, reports on how the Jewish establishment — even now, as the Jewish community is continually assaulted — failed to communicate with and mobilize our people to defend and protect them. Amy […]

Must-Read History of Jihad

One of the most controversial questions, at times being hotly debated but mostly intentionally ignored, is whether jihad barbarism is an intrinsic part of Islam or is a misreading of the religion by “extremists” The October 7 jihad-pogrom should be elevating the debate about whether jihad is “radical,” or Islam — yet, for many, it is not. We are proud […]

Africans in the U.S. Join with Jews against Jihad!

AJA progress report Dear friends and supporters: We have wonderful news. We needed black allies — now we have them! Please read and disseminate: THE AFRICAN-JEWISH ALLIANCE We need real allies, now more than ever. And we have them: Israel may be the focus of world attention, but it is not the only victim of […]

Every Jew in American Must Learn about “Jihad Watch”

See Jihad Watch’s coverage of anti-Semitism in America Robert Spencer and his team at Jihad Watch know more about the forces that surge against Jews than almost anyone in the country. That’s what put him on the ADL’s “hate list.” Most American Jewish leaders refuse to tell Jews that there is a problem with Muslim anti-Semitism. No one […]

We are Now Part of the African-Jewish Alliance (AJA)

Blacks and Jews coming together against slavery and jihad in Africa The October 7 attack on Israel is but one site of a global jihad. Jihad massacres just like it happen almost weekly in Nigeria, where Muslims storm African Christian villages, slaughter the residents, and rape and kidnap women and girls. Just this last Christmas, nearly 200 Africans were killed by Boko Haram […]

American Jews Need to Toughen Up

Cowering incites more assaults Rabbi Cary Kozberg and Charles Jacobs propose a new mindset, and physical training, for besieged Jewish youth. Read their new article in JNS here.

“Boston Globe”: Jewish Leadership Project Blasts Harvard

JLP in The Boston Globe On January 23, The Boston Globe published an article on how Harvard’s problems highlighted the Jewish Leadership Project’s efforts to keep focus on the problem of anti-Semitism there after the resignation of President Claudine Gay. Harvard’s problem goes far beyond Gay and reaches to the very top: Harvard’s Board which hired Gay and allowed Jew-hatred to […]

A New, Authentic Black-Jewish Alliance is Forming!

Read former South Sudanese slave Simon Deng’s story Simon Deng, enslaved as a child by Arab Sudanese jihadists, tells his story of kidnapping, suffering, and escape — and how his story intersects with that of Israelis. Jews, Nigerians, and South Sudanese are forming an alliance against jihad massacres and kidnapping. For, as the details of the October 7 […]

Israelis See the Light, Ally With Other Victims of Jihad

Israel stands with Nigerian victims of jihad Israel, which has finally learned that it is fighting jihad, recently announced its support for Christians in Nigeria who are being massacred almost daily by the ideological brethren of Hamas. “Over the past decade, 50,000 Christians in Nigeria have been butchered and hacked to death. Is this even a concern to […]

Jewish Students Sue Harvard

Jewish Harvard students are suing their tormentors Read the entire complaint to see today’s realities for Jews on campus, and understand how horribly the Jewish establishment failed us all.

“Jerusalem Post”: Former Jihad Captive Embraces Israelis

Former Sudanese jihad slave Simon Deng leads march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in solidarity with Israeli hostages Simon Deng, accompanied by Charles Jacobs, tells Israelis that we have the same enemy. They captured his people in raids just like October 7. These are jihad raids, and South Sudanese citizens like him stand with their Jewish friends. Read the Jerusalem Post coverage […]

Black-Arab Divide Comes to Israel

Former South Sudanese jihad captive Simon Deng flies to Israel to embrace families of hostages On December 11, Charles Jacobs published an article in Tablet urging black Americans to re-evaluate their “intersectional” alliance with Arab and Muslim Americans given that Arabs and Muslims today — as they have for centuries — own Africans as slaves. The normal American instinct to fight […]

JLP Trucks Make National News

Pictures of JLP trucks in New York Post — and New York Times! The Jewish Leadership Project is bringing public attention to the failure of Jewish and university leadership to provide equal treatment for Jewish students.  The attention that our billboard trucks are receiving in mainstream media is encouraging. In addition to exposing university leaders, we plan to the do same to trustees and other […]

Real Jewish Leadership at Harvard

The Jewish Leadership Project is bringing public attention to the ugly situation at Harvard while most Jewish leaders are reluctant to make displays of their concerns A picture of our truck (above) outside Harvard was published in The Wall Street Journal. Our truck depicted President Gay’s despicable statement in front of Congress that “It depends on [the] context” […]

Colossal Failure of the Jewish Establishment

Catastrophe: Jewish leaders’ incompetence allowed a majority of young adults to prefer Hamas over Israel While the ADL has been focused on right-wing anti-Semitism, the left-Muslim alliance which captured America’s educational institutions has achieved its aim: the mass conversion of America’s youth. Headline from The New York Post: “Majority of young Americans 18–24 years old think Israel ‘should […]

Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab Funding Hamas: Call Your Broker!

Make sure your investments aren’t funding Hamas The Middle East Forum has just published a major report, “The U.S. Charitable Network That Subsidizes Hamas, and the Donors Behind It.” It goes through public records and finds that Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab, along with other banks and corporate and community foundations, are among the largest donors to Hamas-aligned organizations across […]

Must-Read Letter: Major Harvard Donor Bill Ackman Has Had Enough

Major Harvard donor Bill Ackman “incredibly saddened to say that Harvard… [is now] a place where Jewish students are concerned about the threat of physical violence” This is hedge fund manager Bill Ackman’s letter to the president of Harvard. It describes in detail the horrific situation at Harvard for Jewish students today and the Harvard administration’s unwillingness to […]

Jewish Leaders Must Declare State of Emergency

The Jewish community is under assault. A war has been declared against us. We must mobilize to fight back. Jewish leaders must declare a state of emergency now. As pro-Hamas rallies directly threaten the safety of American Jewry, we are witnessing thousands of Americans, including students in universities and high schools, marching in the streets […]

Join us as we challenge the establishment Jewish leaders and the donors who have supported and enabled them but failed to hold them accountable.