Black-Arab Divide Comes to Israel

Former South Sudanese jihad captive Simon Deng flies to Israel to embrace families of hostages

On December 11, Charles Jacobs published an article in Tablet urging black Americans to re-evaluate their “intersectional” alliance with Arab and Muslim Americans given that Arabs and Muslims today — as they have for centuries — own Africans as slaves.

The normal American instinct to fight for the liberation of slaves is blocked and forbidden by woke ideology which insists that all Muslims and all Arabs are “victims,” thus their conduct — and even the conduct of their “cousins” in Africa and the Middle East — cannot be criticized.

Last week in Israel, Simon Deng lent flesh and blood evidence to the idea of a black-Arab divide: he flew to Israel to share his own experience of being taken captive by jihadists when he was a child in Sudan. He organized a solidarity march of South Sudanese from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Cloaked in Israeli flags, they were stopped by Israelis who got out of their cars, learned who these black people were, and emotionally embraced them. Deng brought 30 South Sudanese to help on a strawberry farm in the north.

Everywhere they went, the South Sudanese shared their story: they, too, had their own October 7 jihad attacks. Jihadists stormed their villages, burned the houses, killed the men, then stole, raped, and tortured the women and children. They, too, are victims of jihad.  

Deng (along with Jacobs) met with Natan Sharansky, who thanked Simon and his South Sudanese compatriots for their solidarity.

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